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Kids & Youth

We believe that church should be relevant for all ages. Our deep desire is that children will not only learn about Jesus but also develop a personal relationship with Him. We aim to create a fun and caring environment and a positive experience of church for all children and youth from all cultures, nations and backgrounds.

“I love Kids’ Rock, our children’s group in church. We always do many fun activities such as dancing and singing for the church for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. We also have Funday Sunday at the beginning of each month where we play games and do fun activities. And of course, we learn about God in a really fun way. Jason our Kid’s Rock leader is AWESOME and he rocks. He is cheerful and loves it when new people join. I love church 😊! 3 words to sum our church up: Family, Fun and God.”

Anna (age 10) & Iona (age 8)

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Fun and growth for kids of all ages

Our children’s ministry for kids 0-14 years old is led by our Children’s Pastor Jason McAllister and team. Our kids stay in the service during our praise and worship time, after which they’re invited to go to their groups by our very own Liberty Lion! Take a look at our current groups below.

Kids (0-3)


We have a separate cosy area with a video link to the service for all parents of babies and small children. With a baby-changing area and toys for the little ones, we are sure you will be comfortable here.

Kids (3-5)

Wee College

With music, songs and actions, as well as plenty of play time, Wee College gives our children a foundation in the Word of God that will serve them throughout their lives! The young students regularly amaze the church with their knowledge of Scripture at their “graduation ceremonies”.

Tea time

As family is very important to us, and our services start late afternoon, every Sunday we prepare a simple meal for all the children (under 12s) to enjoy towards the end of their group activities. This enables our families to stay and enjoy fellowship each week too!

Kids (6-11)

Kids Rock

“Kids Rock” kids rock! The children are taught through a variety of methods, including music, videos and games, encouraging their individual talents and creativity as they learn about Jesus. The first Sunday of every month is “Funday Sunday”, where the kids play games and have fellowship together, and then “Superbook Sunday” with exciting Bible adventures follows! 

At present Kids Rock is meeting each Sunday at 4 pm in the church building.

Kids (11-14)


 TnT sessions are tailored to meet the needs of our older kids. With a teaching element and lots of time for discussion and feedback, as well as quizzes and games, each child is invited to bring their own personality and their faith experience into our group. 

At present TnT is meeting each Sunday at 4 pm in the church building.

Throughout the week there’s also the chance to interact with one another on fun things, news, prayer requests and more via WhatsApp groups with Jason. Get in touch with us to receive more information.

Build community and explore Jesus with our youth

 For teens 15+ years old, our youth group is led by Marty Brogan.

Our youth meet on Sundays after the praise and worship time for teaching and fellowship. They also meet up for bowling nights, concerts, going out to eat and other fun activities. Twice a year, we take our youth to the Holy Spirit Night in Munich and in Stuttgart, as well as to other exciting events happening in and around Munich.

At present our youth group is meeting every second Saturday at 11 am via Zoom, with Marty. Contact us to find out when the next one is on – you’re invited!

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Crowded stadium of youth pray and worship together

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We meet every Sunday at 4pm in Milbersthofen, North Munich at Ingolstädter Str. 43, 80807 Munich (in the rooms of the Evangeliumszentrums). You're invited! A livestream is also available online via the Hope Church Munich YouTube Channel.

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