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Hello beautiful daughters of the King.

Welcome to “Diadem’’. A place where women from all ages, backgrounds, church affiliations and nationalities can share testimonies, encouragement and prayer requests and cheerlead each other on in our walks with God.

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My passion is, and will always be, to see heaven invading earth through normal everyday folk (when I say ‘normal‘ I mean Royal Warrior Princesses of Heaven), doing normal everyday things.  

Let’s cheerlead each other into seeing a beautiful world turning to their Saviour Jesus!

Your sister in Christ,


Diadem women's ministry leader Marty Brogan

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In October 2019 we had our first ever Diadem Retreat. It was held in a beautiful monastery in the roaming farmland of Bavaria, Germany.

It was a weekend of lingering in the presence of God, discovering new talents and laughing with friends.

Here’s what some of the sisters who joined us have to say:

I've often wondered why we say 'retreat' when there is clearly an advance! The first Diadem gathering in Bavaria was, indeed, the latter as ladies from different expressions of the body of Christ let go of things that had held them back and took hold of new things or started to stand stronger and taller as women of God. As they were treated to chocolate musings courtesy of Nancy Goudie, encouragement from Marty Brogan, and prophetic words alongside prophetic training, artistic endeavours or just time to reflect, faces brightened, backs straightened, and more freedom was seen.

Combined with good food, good laughs and good company, the weekend was full of treasures that many were able to take away with them.
What a beautiful setting I found myself, in a beautiful monastery with some beautiful women from so many nations!! A glimpse of heaven maybe?!! From the worship and leading to the teaching and prophetic and oh so so much laughter, fun times - I even dabbled in some art (though I’m not sure Jane would agree to call it that?!!😬) - it was a time of great refreshing for the body soul and spirit 💜

If I ever get the chance I would do it all again in a heartbeat!! Thank you Marty for making it happen!!
I had such a wonderful time at the inaugural Diadem retreat. I didn't want to go. I was at a low point, battling depression and spiritually ambivalent. But I did go, and the weekend was so restorative.

I felt seen and loved and encouraged and uplifted and, most importantly, reminded of the incredible love God has for me and the incredible worth God has ascribed to me. I still have my low points, but I have not let go of that love. I'm eagerly anticipating the next Diadem retreat.
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Our next retreat is planned to be back in beautiful Bavaria from October 14 – 16, 2022. For more information and to register, please see our events page!

Our next retreat is planned to be back in beautiful Bavaria from October 14 - 16, 2022.

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